#63 Haiku

The first non-visual “Way to See” this month, involving a strict 5-7-5 syllable count.

15 haikus for 15 blocks


Cloudless azure skies

Wonder what lies just beyond

Brooding grey facade



The rumble of trains

Streaks of pink and silver-white

A dragon awakes



Loud strains of samba

Teddy trapped in metal fence

Unable to dance




Edge replaced with stroller-prams

Not a pleasant loss



A burst of colour

Dreams of being elsewhere once

Tropical monsoon



Buds upon plane trees

Cigarette buds strewn partout

Spring has come too soon



Rose on fire escape

Mila Kunis is bored stiff

Cast out festive wreathe



Ferry streaking past

Desolation cast in stone

Ruins from Pompeii




Irony of pampas grass

Heated indoor pool



Pekinese on wheels

Trepidatious questioning

Mickey crucified



London and New York

Pavement of $1 books

Unexpected bliss



Juxtaposed skyline

Sun trapped by parking lot

Clearing of rubble



Potholes and pilates

Chimpanzees in human dress

Distressed chestnut planks



Turn right for Bedford

Nothingness to thoroughfare

Suggestion of pomp



Tealights flickering

Wonder what lies just beyond?

Psychedelic life



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