A Whole New Way of Seeing…100WTS

The premise of 100 Ways To See… A Street was complexity; and its structure was fractal: the sum of the project’s parts was far, far greater than the whole.

In the course of this project, I’ve accumulated more than 2000 photographic visuals of a single street. Many of these have been buried in posts that I have churned out daily in a bid to finish the project within the fixed time-frame of four months that I had in New York. In other words, I have not properly given these photos the opportunity to be presented as works in their own right.

Over the course of the next year or so, I’ll be re-featuring one post each week, with 3 – 5 visuals presented. Each post will contain a short curatorial write-up elaborating either on the visuals presented, or on the importance of the theme.

In this way, I am able to re-present the vast amount of content that I have accumulated, ensuring that it does not get relegated to the dust-cabinet of history, while also injecting new life into the blog itself, and finally, actually properly promoting it.

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