#1 Pavement (Redux)

A fundamental aspect of the street is the PAVEMENT.  It is that which makes walking on the street possible in the first place.

A fundamental aspect of urban life is that commuters never look down at what their feet are treading on; particularly in New York City, where everyone is always on the go.

If they would only spend some time observing, they would realize that they are treading on an amazing and monumental piece of art, precipitated organically by the city and its denizens; mind-boggling in its complexity.

Here are some of the best views. For more, check out the full post on 1st Jan 2012: https://100waystosee.com/2012/01/01/1-pavement-2/

1 – Tricolore

7 – Autumnal

8 – Sunburst

19 – Interstellar

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